Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aaron's Tech Corner: Microphones

While at UNITY 2008 in Chicago, Veronica and Talia were panelists on an internship forum. I captured most of it on film, and was excited to post Ten95's first video...with us in it. Alas, the sound captured with my trusty Aiptek HD-DV camcorder was terrible. (That camera, by the way, is awesome! Just not for capturing the panel.)


Well, mostly because the sound system in the convention center meeting room wasn't loud enough, and I had no way of "mic-ing up" the panelists or the moderator. Soooooo...when life presents you with lemons, you make another installment of Tech Corner. (Then you drink some lemonade.)

Click on image to view.

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Posted by Aaron Morrison at 1:37 PM | link

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Darn it! I wanted to see the video!

And by that I mean... I wanted to see myself on camera....

Posted by Blogger Duck @ 4:47 PM, August 21, 2008 #
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