Monday, August 11, 2008

Film session

I knew it right after I watched Shattered Glass, the film based on the real-life events of disgraced journalist Stephen Glass and his plagiarist exploits at the New Republic .

I love movies about journalism.

I love to see how other reporters go about their jobs. When I got into the game, I was pretty much going for what I knew. I was the lone ranger, a maverick cubby navigating an endless stream of people, places, games, events and editors whom I wanted to please. For the most part I just wanted to get it right.

In some ways that hasn't changed. I still feel like I am in this alone, but films about journalism provide an accurate picture of that loneliness. That's me on screen, if only for 120 minutes. Quite often, that's more than enough. But sometimes I just want to talk to real reporters and ask, "How did you get this story?"

Or I could just pop in Absence of Malice.

So yo, what's your favorite journalism movie?

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Posted by Darren Sands at 5:52 PM | link

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The broadcast newser in me wants to say "Up Close & Personal" probably because I haven't seen "Broadcast News" all the way through. I loved "Shattered Glass" too, I watched in a class called Journalism and Film with former Philly Inqy writer and author Mark Bowden.

Being able to look inside the newsroom is perhaps why I can't wait to own season five of "The Wire" on DVD.

Posted by Anonymous CNEL @ 2:27 PM, August 12, 2008 #
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