Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sooo...About the Wire...

My apologies. Things have gotten super hectic at work and I've fallen off on my blogging about The Wire in its last season.

So here's one of the latest things I've learned from watching my newest favorite show on bootleg (because I don't have cable).

In a recent episode, the company brass gathered all of the employees in the newsroom around for a major announcement. Editors and reporters alike speculated about what the news could be. Maybe Pulitzer talk was in the air, they asked? Oh, no, said Editor Gus; if there was a Pulitzer in the vicinity, the bosses would be tumescent, he said, referring to the brass' pants.

From the American Heritage Dictionary: tumescence (tumescent) -- adj. -- A swelling or enlarging.

Oh, The Wire: you and your high-brow off-color comments slay me.

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