Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Something is fishy

I started a feel-good story on a Division II basketball program whose coach who is in his early 30s, has three kids and barely makes enough money to fill up his gas tank.

I sent the Athletic Director an e-mail requesting an interview, and the next thing I know she's asking me not to do the story. Yes. An AD denied free publicity for their men's basketball team. They suggested I do something on the athletic department as a whole.

As if I had that kind of time.

Then she dropped it.

"Plus, you know, we've got some eligibility issues."

You what?

Needless to say, its not a feel-good story anymore. But now I'm faced with investigating what's going on at this place. Where did the kids come from? Who transfered from where? Are the kids taking the NCAA's required 12 credits? Are they playing by the rules?

Where do I go from here? Well, for starters, lots and lots of phone calls, e-mails and reaching out. But am I leaving a paper trail? Are they going to cover up holes in their story to shut me out? Am I going to end up screwing over this coach, his wife, and his three kids?

To be continued.

Posted by Darren Sands at 10:23 PM | link

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D. Sands son... when are we getting up???

Posted by Blogger Eb the Celeb @ 9:53 PM, January 09, 2008 #
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