Saturday, December 15, 2007

Readers are the best muckrakers

Oh, how I love reader responses. It's sometimes the only entertainment I get out of writing the weekend stories like this one. In fact, I turn three back-flips every time I open my inbox and find reader emails.

Bikers in leather chaps + donated toys + Santa Claus + pediatrics clinic = do no wrong

...not for this reader:
Yes, this was nice. Biker group brings gifts to kids in hospitals. But the front parking lot was closed to people who needed to get to the emergency unit. Traffic officers prevented anyone from entering the lot. I parked in the back lot, where I usually park when I visit my brother. I didn't mind, but the woman I met in the back lot did. She limped all the way through the building, and that is a long walk. She had told the officer she needed to get to the emergency but was turned away. You might pass this info on to Director (name omitted). It sounds like a policy of "Don't bother us. We are doing good!"


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