Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pause for the Cause

I wish they would consult us when they make changes.

I just ordered a new stack of business cards because I plan to attend the NABJ Convention in Las Vegas. And I wasn't just ordering to order them: I actually use them in my day to day reporting and literally had about 20 cards left in the box.

I needed to re-up.

Anyway, so I place my order in and today, the cards came to me at my desk.

Our previous cards, on the other hand, had our old red circly hurricane looking logo at the top, with our paper name written in nice font beneath it. Clean. Professional. Classic.

The new cards are kinda funky. Or rather fugly. They use our new logo from the Web site, which has the name of the paper in a large blue oval, with the Web site URL written in orange at the bottom of the oval.

I prefer my old cards, but I guess I can't complain since I'm not paying for them.

Alright, back to our regularly scheduled blogging. (The Education Seminar notes are on their way, promise!)

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