Thursday, July 05, 2007

Aaron, also, loves the kids...

If you've been reading Ten95 for a while, you'll notice that a few of us have had a chance to coach and/or mentor those younger than us. (see D loves the kids)

For two weeks in June, I had the opportunity to help mold the interests of 12 high school students in journalism as a practice and profession. The Bay Area Multicultural Media Academy (BAMMA) is in it's 17th year. But this is the first year that student have been required to integrate some aspect of multimedia into their reported stories.

As one of their resident assistants (so glad I never stayed in the dorms at SF State as a freshman), I got to know most of these kids on a personal level. And I also served as a multimedia editor/coach during their training, the reporting of their stories, and the producing of a print newspaper with an online site.

I can only say that doing this helped me to remember why I initially decided journalism was something I wanted to pursue. The feeling I got from watching the them gush over meeting their very first print deadline, or reviewing and editing their own photos, audio, and video captures was more than amazing. Seeing their growth made not ever having "me" time, eating hit-or-miss dorm food, and being sleep deprived for two weeks...well...worth all the discomfort. And I think, in a way, I had to grow up too. I think I also got a taste of what's it's like to have children.

I may be able to show you better than I can tell you. Here's a video I put together with the little time I had in between activities with the students.

Side Note: The video above was shot with Pure Digital cameras. I highly recommend you have one, if not for journalistic purposes, for just pure fun. That camera was featured in Aaron's Tech Corner: Video.

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You rocked them BAMMA'S! [/Chappelle as Black Bush] Great job as always, Aaron.

Posted by Blogger Chris @ 9:22 PM, July 05, 2007 #
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