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Get to Know Your Candidates

With the 2007 NABJ elections in full swing, Ten95 would like to give a number of candidates the chance to address the readers of the blog. Below you'll find statements from the Student Representative candidates, Christopher Nelson and Charles Taplin.

Loyola College in Maryland

We go through life at such a fast pace. It’s rare that we remember things exactly as they happen. It’s nearly impossible to recount every moment, or every memory. There are, however, those rare moments which continue to resonate with us, so much so that the moment, the memory becomes impossible to forget. For me one such memory is when I decided I wanted to pursue a career in broadcast news.

Four years ago, while a junior in high school I sat at home watching television on a Saturday afternoon. While flipping channels I came across a newscast which was produced and anchored by local teens. It was at that moment that I said to myself, “I can do that.” Almost one year later I had reported several stories for the newscast and earned the privilege of co-anchoring the final newscast of the school year. Since then I have devoted myself to fulfilling my dream of working in broadcast news. Be it not for my membership in the National Association of Black Journalists, my dream might have already come to an end.

Since beginning my college career I have sought out other opportunities which I feel would prepare me formy future career. The last three years have not been without its challenges for me personally and professionally, but I have enjoyed steadfast support from the NABJ and its members. Membership in NABJ has provided me with the ability to connect with veteran journalists who have mentored me as I seek to lay the foundation for a career in journalism. Membership in NABJ has allowed me to connect with my fellow student members who are ambitious, intellectually curious, and hardworking. Membership in NABJ has already allowed me to serve a segment of our student members.

For the last two years I have had the privilege of serving as a regional student representative. This allowed me the opportunity to begin to exercise leadership within NABJ. Working with our Student Representative and other regional representatives has been a learning experience. Through candid discussion and my efforts to help student chapters and student members, I have seen some of the challenges facing the next generation of black journalists. This is why I am committed to as Student Representative serving as an unapologetic advocate for student members.

As Student Representative my tenure would be about voice, vision, and values. I envision myself as being a voice for student members, making sure our perspective is heard. I envision myself as being someone who is proactive in regards to making sure that part of NABJ’s vision remains implementation of quality programming which prepares student journalists for future careers. I envision myself making sure that journalistic integrity is maintained, that journalistic values are maintained by supporting those in college newsrooms.

I very much believe in the idea of the servant leader. As Student Representative, I would serve NABJ’s student members. I would welcome the opportunity to work to address issues important to all of us.

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Southern University and A&M College

What does being a member of the National Association of Black Journalists mean to me?Before I started this campaign I had to ask myself this simple question and it took longer than I thought it would to answer it. To me being a student member means I have a moral contract to help carry the torch that was lit over 30 years ago by the founders of NABJ. It also means that I believe that full equality and total diversity in the newsroom will be achieved someday. What does being a student member mean to you?

The services NABJ offers along with our respective curricula will helpus develop into the journalists we want to be. Whether its through short courses, internships or scholarships, NABJ has made it possible for its student members to develop into quality and credible journalists. As student members we must diligently seek and take advantage of what NABJ offers. By using the skills we acquire to advance in our chosen professions, we will in turn be in positions where we can promote others.

It is an unprecedented time for student members of NABJ. As our numbers continue to grow, we must realize that we are an indispensable part of this organization and we have no choice but to influence the future of it. While we’re using NABJ as a foundation for our future, let’s not forget the main purposes of the organization; strengthening ties among black journalists and increasing diversity in newsrooms.

As Student Representative, I want to:

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