Wednesday, December 17, 2008

J-School students are masochists

"Despite less-than-lucrative job prospects for graduates, journalism is an increasingly popular major at colleges ..." making journalism school students candidates for case studies in masochism.

A Times Union article
shows why those of us really interested in where our struggling industry are not put off by rapid decline in the paid journalism work force.

Why masochism, you ask?

A 2007 survey of journalism & mass communication graduates compiled the average starting salaries for students who earned degrees, comparing them with other disciplines.

Here's a breakdown:

Computer science graduates: $60,416
Information sciences graduates: $52,418
Finance graduates: $48,547
Business admin. graduates: $45,915
Liberal arts graduates (teachers): $35,419
Journalism and mass communication graduates: $30,000
(Realizing you should have double majored in college: priceless)

Ouch. Stings a little bit.

A hint for those entering college and interested in journalism ... information sciences graduates are in high demand, as news Web sites expand on their utility.

Is Aaron going back to school? Hmmm ...

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Posted by Aaron Morrison at 9:35 AM | link

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I graduated 7 months ago today.

I'm starting to wonder if grad school isn't such a bad idea.

Now it's finding someone to pay for it.

Posted by Anonymous CNEL @ 2:30 PM, December 17, 2008 #
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