Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grazed by the Axe

The worst part is watching the names trickle in.

Management refused to disclose the names of who was let go, for good reason, I suppose. But on some level, I'd rather just know, not because I want to be in people's business, but because these are my friends, my colleagues -- in some cases, what I consider my family -- being shown the door.

Instead, I have to read names in the paper or on the blogs.

And my heart is broken all over again.

Some of you know I spent a long time trying to get into the place where I work today. And it hasn't been easy staying -- no place is when you're the kid and the minority. But I've been blessed with what I called a "workplace family" -- folks who encouraged me, challenged me, gave me a swift kick in the butt when needed, and quite literally saved my ass when something was about to go down. They encouraged me and protected me, all because they knew, too, the difficulties of being the odd man out.

But now I'm reading their names. On blogs. In the paper.

And now my support system is shattered.

Suddenly I feel like I'm standing alone. And I can't help but to feel a little shattered too.

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