Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Name is Marcus And I'm Unemployed

The alarm went off at 8:30am Thursday morning and I hit snooze.

Stuffy and congested, the plan was to call out sick and come in the afternoon for a 2:00pm meeting.

But something told me to check the Blackberry to make sure there were no important e-mails.

Anytime you get a company e-mail from Debra Lee before 9:00AM, it's not good news.

Viacom had announced they were letting 850 employees go and that BET would be affected as a result.

One of those 850 employees is me.

Before you break out the box of tissues and offer your hugs (I'll take your hugs if you're hot), believe me when I say that I'm OK.

(If you have talked to me in the last 11 months, you will know that I'm really OK)

God works in mysterious ways and I look at this as an opportunity for a change of scenery and a fresh start in my career.

If you were expecting an angry Black man rant about how the man screwed me over, I apologize.

Now time to catch up on my DVR ...



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"I'll take hugs if you are hot" Boy you are all kinds of crazy. Glad to hear you have things worked out.

I only know one person at a Louisiana Gannett paper who got laid off and she is good financially. But she kinda wanted to stay in as long as possible.

Posted by Blogger Vdizzle @ 7:17 PM, December 04, 2008 #
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