Friday, September 05, 2008

JAWS in the mountains

I'm here.

Are you jealous?

So, this weekend, I'll be blogging live (semi-live) from the Attitash Resort in New Hampshire where I am attending the Journalism and Women's Symposium annual camp.

The whole purpose of the camp -- and it seems the organization -- is to empower women and give us a safe and secure place to learn about our industry and, of course, vent our frustrations.

I found out about this organization from Veronica, who attended the 2006 camp as a scholarship winner. And just for fun, I figured I'd post a pic from her Facebook album about the camp, in case you can't click on the link above. So, the camp is a weekend long and you go to sessions and hang out and just bond. At Veronica's camp, they rode horses.
I just thought this picture was cool.
Some of the sessions we'll be talking about this weekend include international stories, a multimedia training session (I'm so amped about that one), reinventing yourself, elections, science/environment/technology, and the disconnect between the middle class and Congress.
Did I mention there are cocktails every night AND there's a talent show tomorrow????? And yoga in the morning.
I may just have to stay forever.
Well, maybe not.
Dinner is in 20 minutes.

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