Saturday, August 23, 2008

Take Control

"You've gotta take control. You gotta be confident and be the boss."

Said the senior editor to the 20-something producer.

It's my age. That's the one thing that makes me apprehensive in the production studio, sitting between the editor, the host, the correspondent on the phone and the engineer running the sound board. All these people in the room (some who've been in the game longer than I've been alive), and who's supposed to be in charge?


The funny thing is, it seems like I'm the only one so keenly aware of it. I'm the only one that feels awkward. Maybe it was growing up with the whole "respect your elders" thing. That, and the fact that I was in awe of some of these people when I was a mere sapling in college. Somewhere in me, there's a fear that a colleague who I highly respect and admire will look at me and sneer, "Who does this girl think she is?"... all because I tell them they have to do something over again because it sound quite as good as it could have.

But, as my editor's words showed me this morning (and at the start of the summer... and about a month ago... this has been a running theme, same advice, different sources), it's probably all in my head. This isn't the family dinner table, it's the newsroom. And when it comes to putting something on the air, worrying about stepping on someones toes just because they were born a few years before me should probably be the furthest thing from my mind.

I've gotta do my job.

And my job is to be confident. To be the boss.

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You have the right idea V! I'm still small timing, but they wouldn't have hired you if you didn't know a little something.

It's all business.

Posted by Blogger Vdizzle @ 3:18 PM, August 23, 2008 #

you need to listen to Slim Thug's "Like a Boss."

I call shots - like a boss
Stack knots - like a boss
Cop drops - like a boss
On top - like a boss

Posted by Blogger Vandy @ 5:01 PM, August 23, 2008 #

This is so timely. I had this convo with a co-worker last week where I said, "I'm not here to stroke anyone's ego, I'm here to do my job."

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 10:09 AM, August 25, 2008 #
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