Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's your screen name mean?

Dear readers, I need to prove a point to myself.

Background: When doing profiles of folks, I tend to ask random questions.

"What's your dog's name?"

"What time do you wake up in the morning?"

"Where did you get that shirt from?"

I ask lots and lots of often meaningless questions. The first reply I get is usually some variation of, "Why do you want to know that?"

There's a story behind most things, right? My fellow reporters know this to be true. Answers to some questions just have that funny way of giving us insight about an individual that we wouldn't otherwise have access too. To prove my point, O reader, I want you to post a comment telling us how you created your screen name.

Everyone, except Talia. And if you have her screen name you know why.

I'll start.

My best friend in high school was the first to start calling me D-Sands. It stuck. Then one week, the Celtics drafted Paul Pierce, whose number was 34. Dsands34. The other part of 34, of course, was that I am a huge Dave Matthews Band fan, and they had this cult classic called #34. Look it up.

So you know that I like DMB, am a basketball fan, and that my friends give me nicknames that have staying power.

What's your's all about?

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#34 = great song.

Mine is pretty obvious - I think I created it in either 2000 or 2001 - the year i graduated high school.

My other screen name was more hilarious - USCWannaBe01. Sadly, I'm still one. Fight on Trojans.

Posted by Blogger Vandy @ 8:11 AM, August 28, 2008 #

my AIM name comes from the first two initials of my name (CJ) my occupation (Writer) and year of birth (1981)...sadly, it also was inspired by the name of one of the DipSet members, J.R. Writer...but still, it's a cool name nonetheless.

Posted by Blogger Chris @ 9:09 AM, August 28, 2008 #

Mine is HeavnSntLady.
It pretty much reads like it is: Heaven Sent Lady!

All Children of God understand!

Posted by Blogger Jummy @ 10:43 AM, August 28, 2008 #

Thanks for calling me out -- again -- Sands. (Don't make me mention the first time.)

While my current screen name is just that, my name (It was back when I had AOL as a e-mail and needed a more professional log on for internships and whatnot), I still have another address that hardly gets used, but still exists.


Combines my middle and last names and my birthdate/favorite number.

Posted by Blogger T Dot @ 10:46 AM, August 28, 2008 #

I've had a variation of my screen name since 8th grade, when we used to have AOL. Around this time I was a huge fan of the WNBA...and decided to use part of my two favorite players' names for my sn ,Cynthia Cooper and Teresa Weatherspoon (coopspoon). Over the years I had to add numbers to the end, when opening new went from #1 to Cynthia Cooper's number (14) and finally to 143 (the text msg code for love). I considered changing it to be more age appropriate over the years, but it's so unique

Posted by Blogger Erin E. @ 10:49 AM, August 28, 2008 #

So my screen name Blazzelin, I created it back when I first got AOL which was so long ago that I could have used my first name. Even as we speak, my dad still has his name as his AOL email. Blazzelin is actually a combination of a nickname my friends gave me "Blaze" and my first name. I got the nickname Blaze, because, though I was generally terrible at most sports...I could outrun a cheetah (don't try that at home kids).

Posted by Blogger Lindsay @ 11:55 AM, August 28, 2008 #


I'm from Texas and I'm hot.

Hallelujiah Hollaback!

Posted by Blogger Ashley @ 5:07 PM, August 28, 2008 #

Geez louise.

I thought someone else would have an impossible corny story... but I guess not.


In the middle of freshman year, my roommate got the bright idea to combine all our friends' names with those of animals. So Jasmine got Jasmanian Devil. Melanie got... well, I don't remember. Me? Y'all know what I got.


It's only slightly better than the original one that I made up when I was 16... Lushcaramelle.

Don't ask.

Posted by Blogger Duck @ 11:49 PM, August 28, 2008 #
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