Tuesday, August 05, 2008

You'll never work a day in your life

Now. This is hot.

I'd probably do this for free:

Blog about beer? They say you should do what you love, but dang. It's great to see newspapers allowing their writers to blog about their passions. From one beer aficionado to another, Rob Kasper, of the Baltimore Sun, cheers. Now, this is random. But he writes:
But a beer with soft crab sandwich, topped with a slice of Maryland tomato -- that is a great marriage. I prefer a Pils, either Victory's Prima Pils or Clipper City's Uber Pils, with those dangling crab legs.
Dude, you are talking my language. Who wants to hop the train down to Baltimore, catch an Orioles day game and get some crab? Like, enough to bring back to New York.

Posted by Darren Sands at 11:40 AM | link

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