Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hello, Neighbor!

I wonder how my Ten95 cohorts would feel if a new group of journalists moved into their newsrooms.

Not "new" journalists, as in recent graduates. But journalists who have a different way of doing things. Journalists who yell when major news breaks... who watch TV all day... who laugh raucously as the antics of our favorite celebrity news figures... who occasionally assault inanimate items when the computers crash.

In a nutshell -- broadcast journalists.

Make space guys. We're moving in.

My bureau of the AP -- the Broadcast News Center -- is moving in with the Washington print bureau on the corner of 13th and L. And everyone's sharing one floor.

They've been described as a library. We've called ourselves a circus.

So I guess my question is whether librarians and ringmasters can cohabitate in peace.

Probably not. Print's already moved in while we ship our stuff over in a few weeks. But in the meantime, select groups of us have been visiting for training sessions. And those groups -- of five or six people, at most -- have easily generated enough noise to distract the inkies from their work.

Now, imagine an entire floor moving in.

An entire. Floor.

Plus TVs. And radio equipment. And machines that take in broadcast feeds, along with others that play them.

And no, there aren't any partitioning walls.

Dees ees gonna be funnnnnnnnnnnn.... :-)

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Posted by Veronica Marché at 4:01 PM | link

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Well we're some loud ass inkies in my newsroom. Maybe it's cause I'm in the country?

Posted by Blogger Vdizzle @ 5:02 PM, November 20, 2007 #

my newsroom is quiet....and tense....we could use some lightening up.

Posted by Blogger Chris @ 5:04 PM, November 20, 2007 #

oh it'll definitely be interesting.

historically speaking, the lines between print and broadcast have been so deeply delineated that you'll probably each look at the other like aliens for awhile. maybe forever.

but hopefully, some journalistic commonalitites will emerge. after all, this is the associated press, where we are all supposed to be in the newsgathering business and at least in title we are all newsmen and newswomen.

and at the end of the day, print folks know they read the newsalerts about paris hilton, if only to mock them and gasp incredulously.

Posted by Anonymous errin @ 4:36 AM, November 21, 2007 #

Wow the future seems mighty interesting cause I'm sure it'll be happening in other places soon.

Posted by Blogger CNEL @ 10:56 PM, November 25, 2007 #
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