Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just call me "Stringer" Bell...

While the job hunt has proven to be fruitless now that I've finally completed all academic requirements at Delaware State University, it hasn't defeated me yet, nor will it ever. It just means I'll be traveling a longer road to my ultimate destination of full-time sports journalism employment. And in the meantime, that road will take me up and down the Delaware portion of Route 13 for the foreseeable future as I've offered my services as a stringer to several local papers, two of which have had me fill out stringer agreements, so I'll be a hired gun of sorts while I continue to look for full-time employment.

While this post is brief, I just felt it was my duty to notify the Ten95 readership and my cohorts that the revolution will not be televised, nor will I be sitting on my behind. As I've seen what the freelance route can bring if you work it properly (DSands, Duck), I felt this was the best course of action to keep my name out there, get some fresh clips, and NOT work at McDonalds, so you can look for Tales of a part-time sports writer coming to a Ten95 post near you.

I shouldn't be this excited about stringing, but I am. All for the love of journalism.

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