Sunday, August 19, 2007

Goodies, with love

I love this item. Saw it on

"Even though I’m a now a recovering sportswriter, bear with me.

As a reporter at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the past few days have been just a smidge busier than normal with the bridge collapse.

Anyway, I wanted to share one story. On Saturday, a large box of food, sweets, goodies arrived at our newsroom from the folks at The Roanoke Times. As anyone who has covered a big story knows, it’s pretty much go, go, go for as long as possible and the gesture was great. Very cool.
Following is the note we got from the folks in Roanoke. So if there’s anybody on here from there, thanks a lot."

To Star Tribune journalists:

A few days after the Virginia Tech shootings, a large box arrived in our newsroom. Inside was a note and lots of stress-relieving junk food like you’ll find in this box. The note was from Joe Haight, managing editor of The Oklahoman of Oklahoma City. Joe wrote that similar boxes arrived in his newsroom after the McVeigh bombings. He recalled what that gesture meant to his staff, which had been worn down to a nub covering the catastrophic community event.

We were so moved that we vowed to pass it on when we next sensed a newsroom could use a little pick-me-up. So please consider this a journalistic chain letter of sorts, one that you’ll pass on when the next bulletin breaks in a newsroom somewhere in America.
Enjoy the snacks. Sorry we couldn’t send beer (company policy, ya know). And most of all, take care of yourselves.

The Roanoke Times newsroom

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