Thursday, August 31, 2006

See You After the Jump

(Y'all like the print reference, don'tcha?)

The cake, the card, the gathering of coworkers to say goodbye.

All for me.

As excited as I was (and still am) about the next steps in my journey as a professional nomad, I looked at the circle of smiling faces and noticed a strange tugging feeling inside.

I didn't want to leave.

I'm always looking forward. You have to when, at any given time, your job situation is best described as "temporary." So I've created the habit of constantly writing, emailing and meeting with contacts during lunch breaks or before and after my time in the office, all without getting too attached to whatever workspace I'm working out of at the time. I've been like that since my first news internship, knowing it was just a stepping stone to where I wanted to go. Hence why I didn't so much as blink when I decided to move on once my contract was up.

But there's something about the ceremonial act of peacing out that, ironically, makes you want to stay. My supervisor said a few kind words and I sliced into the cake -- and all of a sudden, I felt like there was more I could write, pitch, produce, explore, work on. A flood of reasons to stick around, even though I knew I'd given and gained all I could in this position long ago.

Maybe it's the jolt out of the daily routine. Or knowing I won't be doing quite the same stuff anymore. Or maybe it's thinking that I could've written just one more piece, explored just one more place. Whatever it is, it makes moving to the next bittersweet. And it makes me think that one day, I may want to come back.

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