Sunday, August 06, 2006

Thanks, Becky!

Very few things can prompt me to do the cabbage patch, including:

  1. a hefty slice of birthday cake;

  2. finding a really cute and flattering piece of clothing on sale;

  3. hearing myself on NPR's air for the first time.
Today on Weekend All Things Considered: Becky Must Die.

Go me! Go me!

*cabbage patch*

Posted by Veronica Marché at 8:15 PM | link

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Veronica, this is AWESOME! I love how you took something from your own life and well, got NPR to pay you for it. Good stuff.

Seriously, I think the story provided another side to the whole "MySpace/Facebook/Blogger/etc" phenomenon. And it's a little sad that there's not more that the administrators can do to regulate the behavior of the "Becky's" in the world.

Oh, and the impersonation was priceless!

Posted by Blogger T Dot @ 10:43 AM, August 07, 2006 #

Yay! Very proud of you, Sis!

Thank you for living out my secret wish of being on NPR.

Posted by Blogger hizzle06 @ 2:47 PM, August 07, 2006 #
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