Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fear Of Flying

While also the title of an Erica Jong novel and an album by R&B Vixen Mya, it also describes my current worry as I set sail on the biggest adventure of my 24 years on God's Green Earth; The National Association of Black Journalists Convention, this year taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Yes. I am 24 years old, never flew before a day in my life. And with heightened airport security, my fears are as prominent as Buffie the Body and Ki-Toy's backsides combined. I have a fear of heights, fear rumbling noises while in the air, and a fear of a seatmate who will talk too damn much while I'm praying for a safe trip.

But mostly, my fear is of my luggage getting lost in Naptown. Trust me, I don't have much, but what little I've got, I'd like to keep, especially my clips and resume. I'm planning to knock these recruiters off their feet like a Stevie ballad, so I can't be in Indianapolis and my gear somewhere west of Brokeback Mountain.

Yet, as many grown folks will tell you, fear can drive a person to do great things. I think my fear of flying is more than hopping on an airplane and taking a trip off the East Coast for the first time in my life.

My fear of flying can also be tied into wanting so badly to be a part of the few, the elite, and the proud; black sports writers. As Darren Sands has eloquently pointed out on a Beantown scale, there aren't many of us around. My fear of coming away from the convention empty handed will probably drive me to be everything people say I am, outwardly. I normally keep a low profile and choose to speak when the time is right.

However, there is more than an introverted side to Chris Stevens. There is the kid who cracks up my acquaintances with comedy skills that I never knew I had before. There is the intelligent, eager, student of the game who reads sports writers around the country to see what they're covering and how they cover it. And there is the Chris Stevens with determination, focus, drive, and the heart it takes to succeed in this rat race we call journalism.

So my fear of flying also doubles as a fear of failure, yet when the time comes to make the next big step in my life and career, I will definitely be ready to spread my wings.

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First Indianapolis, tomorrow Rome. Everything will be fine. You will have a great flight and a great time at NABJ. Remember to smile.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:00 AM, August 13, 2006 #

Chris on the topic of losing the clips. I got me an expandable folder from the Evil Empire (Wal-Mart) for like five bucks. That and a brown folder are my carry-ons. If an ignant ass airport workers tries some shit, I'm asking for a superviser (who may possibly have a higher education than a GED), cause my clips are making it to Indy with me. HOLLA!!!

Posted by Blogger Vdizzle @ 6:50 PM, August 13, 2006 #

Prayers are always good. What's the Yolanda Adams song, "Just A Prayer Away".

Get some chewing gum so your ears won't popp.

Make sure your socks and shoes are clean since they making people take em off and run em through the metal detectors.

Take a magazine or book to keep your mind occupied cause you probably won't nap.

Yeah and I say make your documents carry ons, they aren't liquids or gels!

Posted by Anonymous CNEL @ 8:39 PM, August 13, 2006 #
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