Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beyond Unity


Unity is over. Usually I'd be in denial after such a fun and eye-opening week of journalizing, but it's kinda hard to ignore the fact that I'm sitting in my DC apartment -- looking at the pile of clothes that, five days ago, were rejected from my suitcase.

I guess I know what I'm wearing to work tomorrow.

Lukewarm denial (and wardrobe considerations) aside, I can say, in three years of attending journalism conferences, this week has been the best for me yet. I returned home re-energized and ready to take on the journalism world -- something that, yes, is par for the course, but my rejuvenation is more amplified this time around.

Probably because it's a more targeted rejuvenation. Usually folks have a broad goal (become the best darn journalist/producer/whatever ever!), but little direction as to how to get there. Which is problematic, because excellence and success comes in steps. So it's key to figure out what path you want to take to your goal.

I used to have a hard time figuring out that path, but after this week, I've come up with my first step: I want to build a reputation on my broadcast writing. I found myself in workshops this week dealing with putting words together for news, including one with Dr. Roy Peter Clark of the Poynter Institute. And I realized -- I've gotten compliments and praise for my on-air writing before I even thought about the benefits of professional development. Imagine if I took more time to invest in that aspect of my craft. I could become a pretty bad mamma-jamma.

So that's my focus for now. Finding Veronica's Style of Broadcast Writing and getting it noticed. It'll take practice, training and seeking out advice and feedback -- all to enhance what (I'd like to think) is a natural ability.

But I know I'm not the only one rejuvenated after Unity. What steps are you taking so you can make your way to the top of the journalism world?

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