Wednesday, June 04, 2008

You're A Good Writer, Charlie Brown...

Much like DSands, my summer time work will consist of things that are considered "out of the norm" in the world of sports journalism. The blessing in all of this is that I've been granted column space once a week to fill with my thoughts on the world of sports and even subjects of a deeper nature. When one of my best friends called me a couple of weeks ago to informed me his diabetes had shut down his kidneys and that he would eventually need a transplant, obviously I took the news very hard. So I wrote a column detailing our friendship and how Diabetes is really irking my life right now because of what is happening to him.

I never really expect reader feedback (considering the small bit has come from a dude a few miles north of the office who clearly has too much time on his hands), but I received two e-mails in the past week from local mothers who are touched in some for or another by diabetes. One mom said that it was admirable of me to want to learn more and turned over the names of some doctors who I could talk to. The other talked about how she, her husband and her other children rally around their son who is afflicted with Type 1 Diabetes. She also said she enjoyed my writing and she would continue to read my columns from that point forward. Honestly, as a journalist or a writer of any sort, your work is all you really have, and when someone says "hey, great job," you get this sort of indescribable feeling that can either send a chill up your spine or warm your heart as if you just ingested 15 chili dogs without the benefit of water (kids, don't try that at home.). It's awesome all the same.

This afternoon, while working on a couple of stories from home for next week's paper, I rang a local high school coach who took the time to tell me what he really thought of my ability.

"Chris, I want to thank you for your coverage, I'm really impressed with what you give us. You really are a great reporter." Two short sentences, one HUGE smile from this Ten95er.

Along with being mentioned in Journal-isms post-Obamanation, I can honestly say that my faith in myself as a journalist, although it never wavered, is stronger than ever. I always knew I could do the job, but the fact that eyes are watching and reading what I do is a transcendent thrill that will only serve to motivate me and make me work harder to be the best sports writer I can be. Even if some people think I'm already there.

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