Friday, May 09, 2008

On Storytelling (corrected)

Even the best journalists get things wrong every once in a while. Thanks to Jacqui for pointing out that this quote is mis-attributed to her. Below is the updated post with the correct attribution. Our apologies.

-- Ten95 Mgmt.

One of the managers at my paper shared this quote with us today. Figured I'd share.

"Thank God for stories - for those who have them, for those who tell them, for those who devour them as the soul sustenance that they are. Stories give shape to experience and allow us to go through life unblind. Without them, everything that happens would float around, undifferentiated. None of it would mean anything. Once you have a version of what happened, all the other good stuff about being a human comes into play. You can laugh, feel awe, commit a passionate act, get pissed, want to change things."
-Tomas Alex Tizon
Los Angeles Times



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Hey all.

Thanks for the lovely words.
But I need to correct the record. The quote is mis-attributed. It belongs to Tomas Alex Tizon, now of Los Angeles Times and who I had privilege of working with at The Seattle Times. I often use it, giving him all credit, when I talk about storytelling and its power in society.
Not sure how these kinds of things get corrected, but ...
All best.

Posted by Blogger Jacqui Banaszynski @ 8:06 PM, May 09, 2008 #

No problem, Jacqui. I'll send a note along to my manager as well so he'll know to correct it. Thanks!


Posted by Blogger T Dot @ 11:13 AM, May 11, 2008 #
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