Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Stringer Bell Report

Well, as DSands has so eloquently and proudly pointed out, the last three weeks of my life have consisted of me traveling up and down the state of Delaware's highways (yes, that drive DOES take longer than 15 minutes) covering everything from a thrilling season opener in football to writing a feature about a bodybuilder whose remarkable perseverance should serve as a lesson for everyone in all walks of life. Needless to say I've been enjoying my time as a freelance sports writer for two different newspapers (a daily and weekly), and while the need and desire for full-time work is as strong as it ever was, I do understand that the process is a grind, and that I'll appreciate this time in the long run once I am able to secure a full-time position as a sports writer. However, part-time work has proven to be fun.

I check my inbox for the assignments during the week and I either get giddy (as was the case with Friday night's football game for the weekly that turned out to be a stirring come-from-behind win for the road team), or I get nervous and start studying to cover a sport I have little to no experience with, such as volleyball. Either way, the excitement is always there, the hunger hasn't gone anywhere and the passion for telling a story in a way that the readers can be informed and feel like they were right there is always going to be there.

Eventually, I know I'll break through and earn a full-time gig somewhere, and God forbid the feelings and emotions I describe ever become old hat. Right now, I'm enjoying playing my part as a bench player, filling in whenever and however I can, because once I earn that first starting job, whoever lost it is not getting it back. At all.

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