Saturday, April 14, 2007

Aaron's Tech Corner: CAMERAS



  1. aperture (priority) - The size of the lens opening through which light passes, also a mode (on most digital SLR cameras) in which the photographer selects the aperture and the camera sets the shutter speed that will produce the correct exposure.
  2. fixed lens vs. zoom lens - with or without an adjustable range of focal lengths.
  3. f-stop (also f-number) - The common term for the aperture setting of a lens and/or the number that equals the focal length of a lens divided by the diameter of the aperture at a given setting. (Right over your head? Yeah, I know. Take a class.)
  4. shutter speed - The speed (measured length of time) at which a mechanism opens and closes to admit light into a camera.
Source: Photography, 8th Edition, co-written
by Ken
Kobre, professor of photojournalism at
San Francisco State University, the school Aaron
attends. Special thanks to Sibylla Herbrich for an
excellent semester so far and to
Aaron's mom,
photographer he looks up to most.

Wondering who that is in the photo in this week's tech corner? That's Eunice Mangwane telling the story of the Keiskamma Altarpiece during its unveiling at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco on April 12. Eunice is an AIDS counselor in Hamburg, South Africa, where the altarpiece was created by 120 women of her coastal town. The altarpiece is a message of hope for people who are contending with the devastation that AIDS has wrought in the lives of the impoverished and those going through other hardships. For more about the altarpiece, visit

Or look at this story:
AIDS alterpiece: From sorrow to celebration.

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