Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hey! I'm Kind of a Big Deal Too...

In the real world, television reporters may seem glamourous and destined for fame (provided the makeup is properly applied and gaffes like this are avoided). But the Washington Post's Peter Fahri explores the theory that on celluloid, print reporters get all the glory:

Sure, newspaper reporters in the movies can be a cynical, tough-talking, hard-drinking bunch who aren't above cutting a few corners to get the story ([Scarlett] Johansson's character, for example, sleeps with two of her sources in "Scoop." But all is forgiven when they expose the truth.) The reporters in "The Front Page" (1931) and its remake, "His Girl Friday" (1940), might have ethical standards they frown on in journalism school, but in the end, they free a man wrongly accused of murder and get the bad guys locked up. And what's wrong with that?

TV reporters? They're not nearly as lucky. Television journalists tend to be depicted as fatuous pretty boys and girls, mostly out for career advancement. The truth? Not only can't they handle it, it's not even very important. Think of William Hurt's character in "Broadcast News" (1987) or Bill Murray's cynical weatherman in "Groundhog Day" (1993), or more recently, "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" (2004).
Being part of the family of broadcast brats, I think my feelings may be a little hurt (just a tanch, as T-Dot would say) by the portrayal of asinine anchors. But it saddens me even more to wonder...

Why aren't there any radio reporters in movies?

I'm saying, we exist too.


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cause radio reporters ain't real reporters, just people with nice voices.


just kidding, (a tanch...)!

Posted by Blogger *Madosi @ 4:26 PM, August 01, 2006 #

Radio is America's soccer. Beloved in other nations, but not as hot at home.

Don't fret about radio reporter cred. Satellite has got y'all on the come up.

Miami Master

Posted by Blogger MasterCleansers @ 4:40 PM, August 01, 2006 #
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