Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why The Hate?

When I first got into journalism at the age of 17, I knew that I was entering a competitive profession.

The number of journalists is not that high, especially when you are talking about black journalists.

And I was fully prepared to fight my way to the top because I have a competitive nature at heart.

What I wasn't expecting though when I decided to pursue a career in journalism was, simply put, the haters.

I know you are going to have haters wherever you go.

I should look at it as a sign of you doing something right, because if you weren't on the top of your game, there would be nothing to hate about.

But damn.


Call me naive but I figured since there were so few of us to begin with, maybe we would help each other out from time to time.

But for the most part, it has been the total opposite.

Yes, I am probably guilty of not going above and beyond in helping my fellow black journalist.

My pet peeve is when people ask me "Is so-and-so where you are interning at hiring?"

My answer 99 percent of the time is "No." Whether it's true or not.

Other than that, even with my self-proclaimed "cut throat" attitude when it comes to this profession, I am by no means going to kick a man when he's down or better yet, try to sabotage what they have going on for them.

For example:

We started Ten95 a couple months ago and as of recently, we have really picked up the pace in terms of posting on the blog (except me).

So we felt confident enough in starting to put our blog out there to other journalists.

And what better outlet to reach a large number of black journalists than the YBJ listserv.

Unfortunately our plug, shameless as it might have been, was deleted by the YBJ listserv moderator based on a technicality on the listserv rules.

Rules or no rules, we were merely just trying to let other folks know about a project that us, as young journalists, started.

But dare someone have their 15 seconds of fame or do something successful with their life, because that's when the haters come out in full force and attempt to drag you back down to their level.

With NABJ right around the corner, I would like to make a challenge to everyone who is attending.

I want the students to find one professional, and vice versa, and agree to keep in contact with them after the conference.

It might seem small, but it could be a start of finally getting everyone together and on the same level.

We are all chasing the same goals - there is no reason why we can't reach that platform together.


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i would love to mentor someone. i've also been trying to get someone here w/me in pittsburgh as a writer. any takers?

Posted by Blogger jameil1922 @ 8:54 AM, July 28, 2006 #

Jameil, I need a job and to leave Louisiana. I'll meet deadline and have dinner on the table if you hire me. :)
Now to Marcus. Who deleted the freakin' e-mail? Kanye said it best: "That's just the way it is. Hata niggas marry hata bitches and have hata kids."
So I say, let them hate, cause the blog is hot and I hope people keeping coming in droves like they have.

Posted by Blogger Vdizzle @ 2:03 AM, July 29, 2006 #

we ALL know who deleted the e-mail.

here is a hint.


Posted by Blogger Vandy @ 2:10 AM, July 29, 2006 #

To all the Ten 95 writers: this is a great blog. I found out about it via your 'shameless plug' on the YBJ 'serv, where I am a serial lurker.

Good luck and hang in there - with your talents, noone will be able to keep you down.

Posted by Anonymous stacy-marie ishmael @ 2:08 PM, July 31, 2006 #

Ten95 is a great website. I can relate to some of the hate among black journalist that you see in the newsroom.

The following link is to an editorial I wrote on my newsroom experience as an minority intern:

Posted by Blogger Brandon K. Watson @ 11:06 AM, August 01, 2006 #
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