Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And You, And You, And You... You're Gonna Read Meeeee....

I'm inclined to think that journalists and writers blog so they can publish all the stuff that the publications won't.

Isn't that kinda why we started this one?

Or maybe that's my own personal reason.

Either way, the people at Silence of the City have taken the electronic self-publishing concept, buffed it smooth and shined it up a bit for their site. The concept: To publish and provide an outlet for articles and writers rejected by the New Yorker. (The title is actually a play on the magazine's "Talk of the Town" section, since that's where SOTC's writers attempted to peddle their wares.)

But don't look for any witty sarcasm or criticism toward the mag. The site's creator told the Village Voice that it is a "tribute," and its "Who We Are" page offers the following:
We are a small group of writers and designers who are long-time subscribers to the New Yorker. When the magazine arrives at our doorstep each week, we read the Talk of the Town section first — and not just because it is in the front. It is also because we adore the section's tone, subjects, and treatment. We adore them so much our spouses have started to worry....
I wonder, if the site grows into some sort of phenomenon, will it too begin rejecting writers? Will another site spring up, perhaps entitled, "Talk Around the Silence"?

(And as a sidebar: SOTC seems pretty cool, but if I see anything else with "And/With/Of the City" in the title, I think I'm going to kick something.)

Posted by Veronica Marché at 4:16 PM | link

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this sounds mini-hot. maybe i will submit a few things for the site. guess which one is me ... (tee hee)

Posted by Blogger *Madosi @ 5:12 PM, July 18, 2006 #
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