Sunday, March 23, 2008

Attention Newspeople

After spending nearly two years in breaking news, I'm trying to get back into the mindset of developing story ideas (i.e. non-breaking news... or news that isn't broken. Whatever.)

I need a refresher. And so, I appeal to you, friends and countrymen, what ways do you develop story ideas? And how do you know when you have a really good one?

Posted by Veronica Marché at 12:36 PM | link

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...when you get really excited about the story idea that you have, almost like when you finish it and it's published you'll feel like it's Christmas. That's how I know I've got a really good one.

No good stories I've ever written or produced, were done without that sort of child-like passion. (Not bias, btw.)

But passion.

Now, if I could only bottle that stuff up and sprinkle it on some staffers at my college paper...

Posted by Blogger Aaron Morrison @ 5:43 PM, March 23, 2008 #
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