Friday, June 15, 2007

Don't Stop Believing...

Job searches are never completely painless, no matter the field. Journalism is definitely no different. As it currently stands, I am the only one among my fellow Ten95ers without some form of employment, and due to the wonderful work of that crack records staff at Delaware State University, I have two more classes to complete before I earn my degree, something they neglected to tell me until two days before graduation. Yet and still, I send my clips, resume and eager-sounding cover letters to managing editors, sports editors, and human resource folks at various newspapers throughout the United States only to hear absolutely nothing back.

I'd certainly like to blame it on not being completely finished with school (I hope to finally be done with this hellhole by the beginning of August), but our own wordsmiths, Darren Sands and Marcus Vanderberg were able to land gigs, rather quickly, so that can't be the case. I won't ever question my talent as a writer and my passion for the business is a flame that won't be extinguished anytime soon, so that's out. It could just be that it's just the nature of the beast, with newspapers going through a vicious cycle of buyouts, layoffs, technological advances and the like, and that seems to be the most plausible of all reasons why the offers are non-existent. Whatever the case may be, it can certainly take a toll on an aspiring journalist seeking that first job.

My aggressiveness in finding a job is one born of desperation, a drive to be something more than a college graduate passing time at his mother's house, or even worse, standing at the register of the famed Golden Arches, suffering the indignity of asking folks I know "do you want fries with that?"* I decided three summers ago when I was unjustly let go from a temp job as a desk clerk only two days in that anything not pertaining to journalism was something I would not be doing. It's a stance I don't see myself changing or abandoning anytime soon, so there's definitely a stalemate going on between my heart and my head, common sense and the hope-laden feelings I harbor for becoming what I feel I was destined to be; a sports writer.

So what am I going to do? Just what the title of this post says, inspired by the monster hit of the same name by 1980s rock band Journey. I won't stop believing that I am cut out for this field and that I will get my foot in the door eventually and that it won't ever come back out. The saving grace in this is that I'm not alone and I have several great people in this field in my corner telling me to keep my head up and understand that while it may take longer than I expected, that job will come. That's the same advice I'd have for anyone going through the same struggles as I am. As long as we believe, there's always a future for us in this great industry of ours.

*No offense to those who work in fast food or the service industry.

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Sorry about the school thing. But that's right: Keep on pressing. Plus, remember that sports is a popular beat. You've got mad people applying for just a few positions. Just keep applying. You'll find the one that's meant for you.

Posted by Blogger T Dot @ 5:57 PM, June 15, 2007 #

Remember what I said Chris, be aggressive. You need to be calling after you send stuff and sound excited.
That came in the middle of a mild chastising from the great Walter Middlebrook.
This market is too tight to not be aggressive.
In the words of Akeem, you gotta be "in the face!!"

Posted by Blogger Vdizzle @ 9:12 PM, June 15, 2007 #

The first two comments have inspired mine...

To echo Vanessa: Be. Aggressive. B-E agressive.

And to ditto Talia (and channel Dory from "Finding Nemo"... Just keep swimming!


Posted by Blogger Duck @ 5:32 AM, June 16, 2007 #

Very inspiring to read that, Chris. Very very inspiring. The DJ in my head queued "Someday We'll All Be Free" by Donny Hathaway as I read the last paragraph.

Posted by Blogger Aaron Morrison @ 9:35 AM, June 16, 2007 #

I like the others think you're going to make it. Perseverance is something that will help you land a job, keep it, and get a better job. Hopefully your passion will always be infectious and help inspire other journalists to step up their game.

Posted by Anonymous CNEL @ 10:52 AM, June 16, 2007 #
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