Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Death of a Laptop

My IBM Thinkpad used to purr when it warmed up. I never noticed the warmth that came over me while I listened to the rolling hum of the machine start up, until that warmth became chills on a damp train ride to New York City.

In the old days, there was the zeeeeeeeoooooooom. Then the plickety-plack of the computer’s fan beginning to turn. Yes, there were magic rays of light bouncing every which way inside of it, illuminating the hard drive, and waking the LCD screen from its slumber.

And it was all going normal on the train. I decided to turn it off after we left Providence. Then it coughed. Or stuttered.

It never did that before.

There was a certain suddenness and sadness to it all. It just coughed. And then it died. It hasn’t come back on since.

I was on deadline for three stories. I was about to start a new job. I needed to find a new place. I wanted to catch up with old friends. I needed to do all these things that I did for months with the unwavering support of a laptop that died on me in Rhode Island. It used to purr when it warmed up. Now I just have to work on a way to get my brand new Dave Matthews Band sticker off without ripping it.

I won’t bury it with my sticker.

Posted by Darren Sands at 12:32 PM | link

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My computer is on the fritz right now too...cost me $195 to get a small repair on it...anyone want to donate to the "Get Aaron's Computer Out of Jail" fund?

Posted by Blogger Aaron Morrison @ 2:38 PM, April 03, 2007 #

Forget the computer Aaron. He needs his sticker!! Lol.
I have recently diagnosed my laptop with full blown Dell AIDS. It can live for a while longer thanks to all the new drugs, but eventually...it's gonna die. :-(

Posted by Blogger Vdizzle @ 5:35 PM, April 03, 2007 #
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