Saturday, March 24, 2007

There Has Been a Vandy Spotting

Hey boys and girls...

It's been a while, eh?

(So long in fact that I forgot my login for blogger and had to get them to e-mail me my login and password.)

Despite what others in Ten95 might have said - I am in fact still alive and well.

The eight month gap in between posts is the reason why I'm blogging today...

To fill you in, along the way I actually found a way to get paid to do just this (ramble about nonsense) and as a result, it really put on hold my own personal blog and unfortunately, Ten95.

But more on Everybody Hates Marcus in a separate post (Eight months from now).

As if I wasn't already busy enough between school and work, I decided to pick up a second job along the way.

Don't get me wrong - I love what I currently do at that web giant which I shall not name.

But sports has been in my blood since birth. I eat, sleep and breathe sports and the void in terms of the lack of sports writing as of late was eating at me.

So I did what all hungry writers would do it - find a second job that allows them to do the one thing they love to do.

In my case, its reporting on fantasy baseball (The business writer in me wants to do a story on the business aspect of fantasy sports) for

When I saw the job listing, I knew immediately it was something that I wanted and if you know my spending habits, I usually get what I want.

The job also fills the other dilemma that I was having in my head.

After attending my first NABJ conference last August, I felt confident about my resume and clips but I knew I wasn't going to be done with school until December 2007.

But with graduation and this year's conference sneaking up on me, I realized I had exactly the same resume and clips as last year.

What would recruiters think about the fact, that even I have added a pretty successful blog to my arsenal, my package was going to look exactly the same to them as the year prior?

So now I have two jobs, 18 credits and no social life to juggle for the next couple months until school is out.

All for what?

So Sheila Solomon can find some other typo in my clip package and ruin my hopes and dreams of becoming a journalist.

(This covers my Ten95 quota for the next eight months so my next post will be on the do's and dont's of shopping for a journalist for the holidays.)

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