Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Drone! Drone! Drone!

Readers (or listeners) are going to react to your stories. It's a given. They'll send a letter of praise, or an e-mail of disapproval. And the feedback proves that if celebrities say they can't please everyone, well, journalists sure can't either.

You learn to accept it. But still, every now and then you receive a call like this.

Go on. Listen. I'll wait.





The editors at the San Francisco Chronicle found this particular message so amusing that it prompted them to start a series of podcasts, called Correct Me If I'm Wrong..., where they post reader voicemails.

It's a twist on the traditional "Letters to the Editor" page we're so used to. Chronicle executive editor Phil Bronstein tells Poynter that there's a "intensity and uniqueness" in these messages, because "you can sort-of hear how people feel" -- and because voicemails are more passionate and less thought-out than e-mails or letters.

The first installment of the series is the most entertaining thus far. Hopefully more will follow. In the meantime -- what's the strangest, oddest or just plain scariest reader (or listener) feedback you've gotten?

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