Saturday, January 20, 2007

Family matters

They always see you coming.

And when they do, its all about the story they read in the paper, saw on TV, or listened to on the radio. You know the member of your family I'm talking about. The one who saves your newspaper clippings and breaks them out at family functions. The one who always wants to pitch you stories about their company offering its employees flu shots and about their kid's pee-wee basketball team traveling to Vermont.

But he or she is indispensable because they are your main source to the most cutthroat material -- family news. Even though they are a gossiper by trade, your occupation, journalist, allows them to dish dirt guilt-free.

Well my aunt, Sherri Pettway, used to be that person. I'm taking her off the payroll. She was featured in a story that ran in the Boston Globe's business section about mortgage companies and how their unfair legal fees cause unforeseen financial woes.

I felt betrayed.

Not that I could have objectively written the story -- or even wanted to -- but she can no longer be my go-to person. I shall from now on be getting my PTA meeting story pitches elsewhere.

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