Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ballots, B-copy and Britney

I have to say that at this very moment, I feel like a slacker.

Today is Election Day, and, of course, I'm working.

The weeks leading up to Election Day are arguably the days I hate most in journalism. That's because they usually involve me talking to candidates who know nothing about the job they're hoping to win or who think my whole job is to be their personal press corps.

One cool thing that my paper does - as do many others across the nation - is a blackout. From Sunday through Election Day, we do no partisan coverage. The only way you'll hear about the election is via a general story about projected voter turnout or something of that nature.

I write for a bureau, so my first opportunity to write about the election after the blackout comes tonight. For the most part, Election Night usually isn't that bad. You come in, write some background copy and wait for the polls to close. For the first six hours of your shift, things are pretty relaxed.

You stroll out to a polling location and talk to voters.

Call up a couple candidates and get their predictions on the race.

Eat some pizza and gossip with your editor about how Britney is finally breaking up with K-Fed.

Okay, maybe that last one was just my bureau. But really, save for those two hours after the polls close when you're scrambling for results and quotes, Election Night isn't that bad.

But oh, those two hours.

This Election Day should be particularly interesting. My paper refused to spring for runners this year so we are relying on candidates and *gasp* the Board of Elections Web site for accurate numbers. Primary Day wasn't that bad. Except for the Board of Elections being almost an hour and a half late with their numbers. I ended up attributing my wins to numbers from the candidates themselves. Thankfully, this time, I have a much later deadline, which means more time to roam and wait for official results.

In exactly 30 minutes, I'm heading out to the Democratic Headquarters to watch as the numbers roll in.

In the meantime, I think an episode of the Gilmore Girls has my name on it.

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