Friday, October 20, 2006

Learning on the Job

So my favorite thing about the new job is that I get to peruse all sorts of wire stories at my leisure. And I think it's making me smarter.

In fact, I know it is.

Some of the more interesting things I've learned in my first couple of days:

Is this the birth of a new Ten95 feature? You bet your notebook it is.

Posted by Veronica Marché at 3:03 PM | link

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uber geek.

Posted by Blogger Vandy @ 12:01 AM, October 21, 2006 #


don't you love it when you have access to information that the average human being may not always have access to?

(wo)man, you have a kool job! i am jealous!

Posted by Blogger *Madosi @ 10:42 AM, November 21, 2006 #
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