Wednesday, May 06, 2009

That information? It's free.

My paper sent me to the New England First Amendment Coalition's Freedom of Information/Investigative Journalism Seminar last week at the Boston Globe. The seminar was a full day chock full of tips, tricks and cool stories from seasoned journalists about how to get information from the government when they don't want to give it to you. I had to present what I learned to my team today at work, so I figured, "why not share the fruits of my labor with loyal Ten95 readers?"

So here you are, readers. The first installment of my notes from the seminar. Enjoy!

Mark Benjamin (
Story about US soldiers in Ramadi, Iraq who were killed by friendly fire incident. Attack was taped by soldier helmet cams. Benjamin wrote stories about the resulting cover-up.Mark Kaufman (Hartford Courant)
Pulitzer finalist for report on mentally unfit soldiers being sent into war:

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