Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Heart Office Supplies

I saw the box as soon as I walked into the office after lunch.

"Look," I screamed. "Office supplies!"

Okay, so I might be a little bit of a nerd, but I swear, I love office supply day.

To me, next to free food in the newsroom, office supply delivery day is the absolute best.

Think about it: as journalists, we don't get paid much. Instead, the company will choose to eat the costs of pizza on Election Night and they'll spring to get you a new calendar for your desk each year - not to mention any other supplies you might need.

I admit. I may have gone a little overboard this time when selecting a few *ahem* necessities to charge to the company account.

First, was my American Physical Therapy Association endorsed adjustable keyboard platform with gel wrist rest. It was the last component to my ergonomically correct work station. I had the maintenence guys lower my desk, raise my chair, and provide me with a footrest. Now, with my wrist rest, I am ready to work.

Then, I got the requisite weekly/monthly planner that everyone gets to charge to the company account. But mine is particularly festive. It's leather bound, with gold-rimmed pages, a ribbon marker and not only weekly and monthly formats, but also an expense area and spot for important phone numbers. It even has metric equivalents and time zones in the back! Never again will I wonder how many yards are in a furlong (that'd be 220).

Finally, and this one I was really proud of, I allowed the company to invest in a new Rolodex for me. What is this you say? Rolodexes are old fashioned? Pish posh. I love Rolodexes. I still have an electronic file, but using the card file makes me feel like I know people. I'd currently been using my personal Rolodex I bought in college. Problem is, it was full of my personal contacts so there was little room for Rhode Island numbers, and the pages kept slipping out. So I got a new one. My new Rolodex is one of the rotary ones, that turns with the spin of dial, and is housed in a smokey gray container. Did I mention it also rotates 360 degrees? It does. I know you're jealous.

And the sad part is, I'm expecting a wall calendar in the next shipment - you know, for that long-term planning.

I was so excited unpacking my goodies that - no lie- I actually did a little jig.

Oh, if only every day could be office supply delivery day.

Oh, if only.

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Heck naw! I do not want you getting that excited over office supplies, even though it sounds like you hit the jackpot!

I know how you feel though. I get excited anytime I get ANYTHING new!

Posted by Blogger *Madosi @ 2:27 PM, November 29, 2006 #
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